July 16, 2016

Wedding Info

Hello Everyone! I decided to make a page so You have easy access to any information you need about the wedding. 

We will be hosting the wedding in a private cabin Near Snow Shoe Mountain. 
The ceremony and reception will be in the same place. 
 The main event is on Saturday. However, we will be at the cabin Thursday- Monday! 
Please RSVP no later than May 15th,2016
Please Book your hotel as soon as possible. (There are only a few Hotels nearby) with limited capacity.
Nearest Airport is about 3 hours away (yikes!) so
If you are traveling by air (San Diego family) please fly in to Virginia Beach and we can drive together! 
Please Fly in no later than Wednesday July 13th, we will be leaving Virginia Beach on Thursday July 14th. 
Driving back on Monday.
Thank You all! You are the most important people in our lives! We hope to see you there!